El petro coin


President Nicolas Maduro pledged to revive Venezuela’s failed cryptocurrency for everything from oil sales to passport fees in his state of the union address to the Constituent Assembly on Tuesday.

It’s the world’s first sovereign cryptocurrency as it will be produced and controlled by the Venezuelan government. Though it Petro (PTR) has its origin in the idea of president Hugo Chavez of a strong currency backed by raw materials. Petro will be a sovereign crypto asset backed by oil assets and issued by the Venezuelan State as a spearhead for the development of an independent, transparent and open digital economy open to direct participation of citizens. The Petro is a cryptocurrency issued by the government of Venezuela. The value of the coin is supposed to be backed by the country’s oil reserves, but details about the coin and its inner workings are scarce. Jan 04, 2021 · Over the past few years we have reported, and been laughed at by “the smart people”, for continually reporting on the progress of El Petro, the Venezuelan national digital currency. We announce it’s launch, we reported on it being traded with Russia for oil and all the mining activity… el Petro National Cryptocurrency Is Now A Reality Mar 20, 2020 · Just after midnight one Tuesday in early 2018, the vice president of Venezuela commandeered the nation’s TV airwaves.

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We announce it’s launch, we reported on it being traded with Russia for oil and all the mining activity… el Petro National Cryptocurrency Is Now A Reality One of these has become the state cryptocurrency El Petro. The digital asset made a splash on the world stage, as both Venezuelan citizens and representatives of other states began to invest in the coin. And everything, it would seem, is taking its course. But today, the US government has officially outlawed the crypto developer. PetroDollar (XPD) is a cryptocurrency. Users are able to generate XPD through the process of mining. PetroDollar has a current supply of 63,993,274.88725676.

Aug 13, 2020

El petro coin

Think of it as airdrops you can redeem for something useful like food. A major chain store actually accepts El Petro in Venezuela. If you can find me a chainstore that will accept your crypto airdrops anywhere else in the world I’d love to read about it. An initial coin offering (ICO) Petro coins can be pre-bought via official channels on the el Petro website.

Petro Coin. 4,897 likes. News & Media Website

4,897 likes. News & Media Website Aug 21, 2018 · El Petro in the Spotlight. Public attention is focused on the petro this week, with authorities in Caracas launching the country’s new and denominated bolívar soberano (sovereign bolivar) that has five zeros less than the bolívar fuerte – the current Venezuelan fiat which is going down in history as one of the world’s most depreciated and inflated currencies. The initial coin model offering has demonstrated that startup organizations are able to circumvent traditional finance avenues by appealing to a global audience — Maduro’s Petro is an example of the same opportunism, albeit on a far larger scale. I read that pensioners got their 2018 Christmas bonus in Petros.

El petro coin

XPD. PetroDollar. converter-coin-logo. RUB. Russian Ruble. converter-coin-logo. XPD. PetroDollar. converter-coin-logo. RUB. Russian  3 дек 2018 El Petro нельзя считать криптовалютой, потому что ее стоимость устанавливает президент, и она не определяется соотношением спроса  4 фев 2020 Критику по отношению к El Petro также выразила бывший глава Consecomercio Мария Каролина Узкатеги.

Venezuela's President Maduro has said the nation will sidestep the dollar and use its controversial petro token for oil sales next year. USD Coin 24h $ 0.999823-0.05%. USD Coin 24h $ 0.999823 The Petro, Petro Coin (PTR), Petromoneda, or EL PETRO is a cryptocurrency developed and issued by Venezuela. Petro is based on the energy-efficient New Economy Movement (NEM) platform and is backed by Venezuela’s crude reserves that surpass Saudi Arabia’s. El evento no fue exactamente un ICO, como llaman a la “Initial Coin Offering” u “Oferta Inicial de la Moneda” porque el petro no es una criptomoneda como Bitcoin o Ethereum. Dec 05, 2017 El Petro’s minimum unit is called the ‘mene’ and equals 10-8 Petro.

Jan 14, 2020 Oct 03, 2018 Feb 23, 2021 Mar 14, 2018 Oct 31, 2019 The second phase of the petro launch involves a public sale of 44 million tokens. Petro gold . On 21 February 2018, petro gold, a gold-backed cryptocurrency, was announced in a televised speech given by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. Petro Coin (PTR) also known as EL PETRO will be the first government backed Cryptocurrency based on ERC20 Ethereum Token. Venezuela initiative to back a cryptocurrency and set 1 token at the price of 1 barrel of oil (which is currently at $60) is simply genius.

El petro coin

The coin is not sold on any major cryptocurrency exchange. Chinese-made buses that serve as the only public transit into El Tigre, an importa В середине февраля правительство Венесуэлы начало выпуск Petro — первой в мире государственной криптовалюты. Власти утверждают, что  Президент Венесуэлы предложил Путину расчеты в криптовалюте El Petro. 03 декабря. 11:16. Венесуэльцы купили рекордное количество биткоинов.

По ее словам, национальная  Аналитик Макс Кайзер одним из первых открыто высказался против Джейми Даймона и нового стейблкоина JPM Coin. По его мнению, анонс  21 авг 2018 Либертарианство и криптовалюты: комбинация для настоящей свободы? Свежие посты.

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At that, 82.4 million coins are available for users on the pre-sale stage. Initially, the Ethereum blockchain was called as a platform for the issue of El Petro. Then Maduro announced that the coin was going to be issued on the NEM platform, which was later confirmed by …

The digital asset made a splash on the world stage, as both Venezuelan citizens and representatives of other states began to invest in the coin.